Friday, June 1, 2007

Photorealism Opening Reception

Atlantic Highlands, NJ - Atlantic Artisans, an art gallery dedicated to local and American artisans, invites you to join them in a celebration of fine art and music. Saturday, June 9th for an opening reception - “Photorealism” - by new up and coming acrylic artist Liz Gembarski, from 6-8pm. Also enjoy the eclectic selection of music by local musicians Sherilyn and Frankie M.
Liz Gembarski is a recent graduate of Rowan University with a Bachelors of Fine Art. She resides in Leonardo and has been employed with Atlantic Artisans for the past 4 years. Liz was an aspiring artist dating back to her early childhood. As a child she diligently enjoyed paint by numbers which gave her the patience and structure she needed to feel confident as a painter. As she grew to a fine art painter, she developed a love and fascination with flawless technical skill and accuracy to construct the physical world on a two dimensional surface. You as the viewer will be impressed on how a petite painter can use her brush to construct such a magnitude of work that forces the viewer to be “within” a visual world that is beautiful. Whether it is a bowl of fruit or a sink full of dishes, her paintings present the subjects in a way that gives them significance. They have a particular beauty in the way light and shadows fall on an object; how reflective and transparent matter transmits and distorts the light and color around it. Atlantic Artisans invites you to experience this wonderful work of art.
Musical entertainment for the night is by Sherilyn and Frankie M a local duo also from Leonardo that have been performing together in many bars, restaurants and family parties since 2001. They offer a large spectrum of music and are sure to create a great night of entertainment.
Atlantic Artisans will also display art work in all styles, all mediums and not just wall art, from many other local artisans available on this spectacular night of Great Art and Great Music. So mark you calendars to come on down to 68 First Avenue, Atlantic Highlands, NJ, 732-291-0100,, on June 9th 6-8pm. If you can not make the opening reception Liz Gembarski’s work will be on display until June 30th.
You wont want to miss it!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Atlantic Artisans is Proud to Present
"Abstract Expressionism"
By Local Artists;
Lauren Fuery - Old Bridge, NJ
Jessica Chiaffitella - Highlands, NJ
April 28th - May 19th
Meet the Artists
Opening Reception
April 28th
So come on down to Atlantic Artisans 68 First Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Knut Mohlman - Sculpture

Dinner Time By: Knut Mohlman
$250 to purchase contact Atlantic Artisans
Knut's sculptures are more than colorful, eye catching designs; they are an expression of taking everyday items and recycling them into a beautiful art from. Knut believes nothing is beyond his imagination and so do those who enjoy his pieces. He resides in Leonard, NJ. Feel free to stop in Atlantic Artisans 68 First Ave. Atlantic Highlands, NJ to experience his newest creations.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Liz Gembarski - Acrylic Artist

Silver Bowl by: Liz Gembarski
price $1100, can be purchased at Atlantic Artisans
Artists Statement
I have been studying traditional still life painting influenced by the style of photorealism. My approach for this body of work began with several photo shoots from which I chose my subject matter. The subjects are ordinary reflective objects that, when arranged under strong sunlight, cast bold shadows and clear reflections of the atmosphere around them.
These photos are then slightly adjusted digitally in order to enhance the visual characteristics and allow for optimal information for reference.
Each photo is analyzed and studied by breaking the picture up into individual shapes. These shapes are perceived as realistic or photographic when fit together as a whole.
I use the photograph as means for study, to analyze relationships between light and color and how color is used to suggest three dimensionality and realistic form. I am especially interested in the way silver and glass matter distorts, transmits and reflects light and color. This distortion and transmission of light is rendered through complex arrangements of simplified shapes. Painting realistically is less about style and rendering, but the attitude of mind that takes the visual world and reacts to it analytically in paint.

Each painting is a representation of a photograph brought to a large canvas, presenting ordinary subjects on a dramatic scale. The images are not mistakenly real because the original photograph –used prior to digital enhancement– is less rich in color, contrast, and brightness.
Using the computer to make photographic alterations creates images that are dramatically bolder and more colorfully brilliant. This aid of technology helps my painted works to be “ideally” representational rather then “truly real” or photographic. While the photographic reference is real and I depict these subjects realistically, the painting is not photographic but idealized; an illusion of an ideal world.

Much of my study involved research on master contemporary realists. I used this research to examine and explore the possibilities of realistic painting. Photorealist Ralph Goings and contemporary realist Mary Pratt were most influential in my observations. “My paintings are about light, about the way things look in their environment and especially how they look painted. Form color and space are at the whim of reality, their discovery and organization is the assignment of the realist painter” – Ralph Goings.

With the completion of each piece I develop a new approach and attitude for establishing new goals for future work. I understand that each painting brings on new challenges and allows for growth in my painting approach. As one question is answered in one particular work, I am confronted to react to a different problem in the next. It is this constant developmental process that will expand my growth as a painter.

Liz Gembarski

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New to blogging

My name is Nance Ciasca and I am just embarking on blogging. This is very much a new experience for me, and is certainly one that will be a work in progress.